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On disc: Discreation

Plague And Fire - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Plague And Fire

Plague And Fire
(SAOL Music - 2011)

Discreation is a German death metal outfit which is around for about a decade, to expand their fan base they recorded this 3-track EP, let Jörg Uken do the mix and master and now offer it as a free download on their website.

If you dig their last full-length album Withstand Temptation (2010), then you will fall for Plague And Fire. They kick off with the title track, you get fast double bass drumming, heavy riffs and deep growls - everything you love about Swedish death metal.

At This Darkest Day they slow down a bit, and the songs is more atmospheric. A memorable riff and a melancholy melody will hook you up. Perhaps not every death metal fan will fall for this one, but it shows that Discreation have more to offer then fast riffs. ;)

Time to storm off into Walking Ghosts, but this one offers some breaks, some twists and turns. The quintet shows that it's possible to play death metal and offer variety. They are pushing boundaries - a bit -, and have the balls to 'double' the growls with clean vocals. But they avoid to make it sound metalcore-like!

If you like death metal in it's different shades, then head over to Discreation's virtual home and download this 3-track EP and spread the word!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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