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On disc: Disaster / Peace

Disaster / Peace - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Disaster / Peace

Disaster / Peace
(MusicBuyMail - 2009)

Disaster / Peace came to live when ex-King Diamond guitarist Pete Blakk moved to Florida and played in a local club with Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory, ex-Leatherwolf) and figured out he missed the stage. The line-up was completed by ex-King Diamond bassist Hal Patino and drummer Jasin Marxx. This is their self-titled debut which was produced by Andy LaRocque who also added a guitar solo.
The self-titled opening track is just an intro - and sounds a bit weird... But then they kick off heavily with the up-tempo track Scarecrow! The song has a 80's metal feeling, but even if its based on 80's metal it has modern elements and a chorus which somehow feels out of place - but which is fascinating as well. Thundering bass leads you into S & M, a heavy riff-based rocker. Interesting lead guitar part by Pete Blakk. Slowing down for Purgatorio, an instrumental interlude. At Judas Witch they put in a bit King Diamond, but they are getting very heavy and also add some growls. At Hallowed Death the vocals are mainly high-pitched, but you also get some deep growls. Great guitar play, but the mix of high-pitched vocals and deep growls needs time to grow on you! Slowly and with acoustic guitar leads into Don't Come Back, a ballad which shows a different side of Wade Black and Disaster / Peace! Then they surprise you with an ultra heavy version of Immigrant Song! A bit slower then the majority of the songs is My Guns, it also offers more then just high-pitched screams. A slow instrumental is Inferno, but why not a slow or mid-paced tune with vocals? There is just the ballad Don't Come Back - and that's it. The closer Kill Em & Love Em is another fast one and too monotonous for me, especially as this one is about 5:30+ minutes! It bores me after a minute! No idea why they added this one...
The songs are heavy, mainly up-tempo and have a 80's metal influence, to add some growls make them differ, but still you have to like the high-pitched vocals. I think they should vary a bit more in speed - even if there are some slower ones -, the songs are quite similar and I miss a song which can hook you up right away. But if you give the album time to grow, then you will really enjoy it.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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