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On disc: Dirty Age

Plug In - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Plug In

Plug In
(7 Hard Records - 2012)

Dirty Age are playing some of the purest rock'n'roll in the music market. A clean booster sound is the basic element for them, and if you never heard about Dirty Age before you might think that they are a AC/DC cover band because they have so much inspiration from the Australian band. Good rock music that makes many people happy, but also a kind of music where the development and creative finesse is not given very much attention in the production. Well, we have to live with that, because the songs themselves gives lots of good rock music that will be great assets at concerts to get the party going. Walk It Like You Talk It provides a solid rock sound where AC/DC stands for much of the inspiration. Dynamite Man is so hard that it's more home in the metal drawer, but it's a rock'n'roll song nevertheless, splendid. Rock'n'Roll Rebel should not need any further presentation, the title provides what is says, hard rock ala AC/DC. Desperado, Hard Rock Rush, Stay Hot are all simple rock songs where the inspiration from AC/DC is evident. Acceptable German rock, but nothing more.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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