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On disc: Dionysus

- Sign Of Truth - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
- Anima Mundi - Anika Peterson - 8 stars

Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi
(AFM Records - 2003)

About 2 years ago the Swedish-German quintet got their debut Sign Of Truth in the stores. The band plays power metal with some neo-classical elements - mainly Johnny Öhlin's (Nation) guitar and Kaspar Dahlqvist's keyboards (ex-Malmsteen band) - and some epic / bombastic fragments. Their task group are fans of bands like Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Edguy, Gamma Ray, etc. On the debut the band sounded too much like the genre top acts. This time singer Olaf Hayer - sung on Luca Turilli's solo album - shows more of his own identity. Also the song writing has improved. This is obvious when you listen to the dynamic Bringer Of War and Paradise Land. A good track to check them out is also March Of Freedom and the title track Anima Mundi. With Warriors Of The World - this title could be a Manowar song title - they recorded a heroic and pathetic anthem. And with Forever More they have a cheesy track on the disc as well.
Well, this isn't the best genre release, but more then decent and it shows that the Swedish-German quintet has the abilities and that they are on the way to develop their own style. The next album will show, if they can step onto the next level. With Anima Mundi they did a huge step. Only time will tell...

8 stars

Anika Peterson
translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Sign Of Truth

Sign Of Truth
(AFM Records - 2002)

For most it's all Greek, when they hear this name and it remind of the Greek God of wine, but well... This is a German-Swedish melodic power metal quintet. Founded in 1999 the band took their time to work on material and rehearse. Beside that they already played at some festivals in summer 2002. The first sign of this five guys is the album Sign Of Truth. Singer Olaf Hayer is known for his work with Luca Turilli and main man Ronny Millanowicz was the drummer of Sinergy. The musical direction is melodic power metal with a bombastic touch and progressive elements. The first song Time Will Tell shows this - ex­pect the prog touch - very well. The debut is produced by the band in co-operation with Andy Allendörfer and Nils Wasko beside that Edguy / Avantasia main man Tobias Sammet co-produced this album. For fans of Edguy, Avantasia, Gamma Ray and also Rhapsody this quintet can be recommended, but in general for fans of melodic power metal. The title track Sign Of Truth is a good choice to check out the band, a less bombastic one then the album opener. On this track guitarist Johnny Öhlin had the chance to show his abilities in a solo. The song has a catchy chorus and will live be a track for the fans to sing along. A deep voice whispers a few words, laughs and then the track Bringer Of Salvation starts straight ahead. The song remind me partly of Judas Priest.... At least some parts vocal parts, while the chorus is far away from the British NWoBHM heroes. Another track opens with a male choir which sounds like coming from a medieval monastery... Anthem (For The Children) is a more mid-tempo track which has a different atmosphere then the previous tracks. Is this the sound of Dionysus? At least a track which is outstanding and where no other band names pop up in my mind... With Don't Forget the five-piece recorded a ballad which starts with acoustic guitar and the voice of Olaf Hayer, later the other join in, but they keep the atmosphere. Not the power ballad many do. Songs like the mid-tempo tune Walk On Fire present for me the better part of the band, they have their own identity there.
On the limited first edition you can find a bonus track.... Loaded Gun. A guitar-driven up-tempo track with breaks and which in my opinion shouldn't be just a bonus track. This one is from the faster ones my favorite. A good reason to buy the limited first edition!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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