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On disc: Dimentianon

Collapse The Void - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Collapse The Void

Collapse The Void
(Paragon Records - 2010)

Arising from the ashes of The Forgotten, Dimentianon is a black metal band from New York and Collapse The Void is the band's third full-length album amid a host of demos.
The first I ever heard of Dimentianon was the 2008 demo which was a live recording. Whilst not fantastic – mainly due to the production – the disc did hint that the band was capable of good things. With Collapse The Void the band has made good on the promise shown in the demo. Its so nice to actually hear a good recording of their songs!
The album consists of five tracks with a total length of around 27 minutes. It starts with the almost-nine minute track Return... which begins brutally with M's growled vocals and the crunching guitars. As the songs progresses you really get to hear the talent present in Dimentianon as they take the melodic black metal blueprint of Dissection and Watain and carve out something familiar yet still fresh. This isn't the blatant worship of Dissection that we got with Thulcandra's (albeit excellent) debut Fallen Angel's Dominion but an album by a band that has successfully carved out their own little niche in the genre.
The third track on this album is a short piano-led track called Fragmented Nostalgia. I could say this is a misplaced track as the heavy side of the band disappears completely, however I quite enjoyed it! Its a haunting track with a slight dalliance with progressive rock style keyboards that shows that Dimentianon aren't afraid to try new things and experiment. After this the band go back to the high class melody-fused black metal that they displayed on the first two songs!
All Good Things Must End is the final track and in this case its ended too damn soon! I would quite happily listen to a lot more of what Dimentianon have offered up on this short album. For me this is a highlight of melodic black metal this year, certainly more worthy of your time than Watain's latest effort!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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