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On disc: Digital Summer

Counting The Hours - Brandy Erven - 10 stars

Counting the Hours

Counting The Hours
(self-released - 2010)

I'm not going to sugar coat anything about this, so here it is. The new Digital Summer album is pure and simple METAL ASSAULT FOR THE SOUL! There are tons of bands out there trying to do what Digital Summer does in this album. This album will give you a rush of adrenalin, a feeling of empowerment and, leave you craving and ready for an extreme blood gushing mosh pit. Definitely a tough and solid upper cut, a punch in the gut, a smack in the face and, a shock to the system kind of album!
Every lyric in this 16 track album tells it how it is. It's that 'something' that you always felt and wanted to say, but didn't have the balls to step up and do it. Counting The Hours, gives you a feeling of looking at life with a molitoff cocktail in hand and, screaming 'fuck you' as you toss it.
The songs on this album are heavy, but perfectly infused with a tons of melody and ideal for hungry metal loving consumption. An indisputable lashing on your sense of hearing, and chaos for the mind and emotions. The vocal ability of front man, Kyle Winterstein, ranges from angry, devil envy yells to surprisingly smooth and seductive melodic vocals in songs like Use Me. This group of men, with this album, is without a shadow of a doubt, going to give up and coming bands and, even current more main stream 'popular' bands a run for their money. Don't think for one second that buying this album would be a waste of money. Anyone is a fan of talent, music and life needs to get this album. Snag it on or order it from their offical site. And any label that doesn't snatch these boys up in a flash must be made of pure morons! This is a band that clearly gave every drop of blood, sweat and tears into making this album perfect. Well done gentlemen, well done!

10 stars

Brandy Erven


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