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On disc: Digital Ruin

- Dwelling In The Out - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Dwelling In The Out

Dwelling In The Out
(InsideOut Music - 1999)

The USA is not the home country of progressive metal in these days, but with Digital Ruin another American progressive bands tries to show the fans in the world that even Americans can play progressive metal. Dwelling In The Out is their second album. Listen, the debut got very good critics in the genre magazines. The band is around since the late 80's and is interesting to fans who listen to Dream Theater, Fates Warning and/or Queensrÿche.
The New Englandsters have now a stable line-up and playing live made them known at the East Coast. Now it's time to conquer the rest of the world! Opening the album with Living For Yesterday the band offers a track which has vocal-wise some catchy lines. Spoken words kinda introduce Darkest Day and show the variaty of singer Matt. When the band auditioned Matt in 1992 they made the right decision and got an excellant singer! Another highligh is for me the song Night Falls Forever which starts slowly like a ballad..... whispering words before a break leads into a mid-tempo part. An album which offers surprising pieces even after listening 10 times or more.... And it still sounds fresh and interesting!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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