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On disc: Die Hard

Conjure The Legions - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Conjure The Legions

Conjure The Legions
(Agonia Records - 2012)

Thrash metal played so elegant that it must be Die Hard who spray the can once again. The Swedish band is back with the follow up record to their 2009 release Nihilistic Vision, and the vision from the new album is a lot of joy when they lit up and Conjure The Legions with 9 songs which shakes of energy. They start briskly with the title song Conjure The Legions and goes fist fighting hard trashing through the ears of their fans. Masters Of Deceit takes the lead with fast and melodic thrash metal filled with energy. Cold Scythe gives us a great and aggressive rhythm that is a thrashy as the rest of the album. Robe And Crown ends the album with a brutal and very stylish way to play true thrash metal, so good that it could win people over, people who normally don't listen to thrash metal.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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