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On disc: Die Choking

Die Choking - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Die Choking

Die Choking
(Die Choking Bandcamp - 2014)

To the fans who can not wait for the new album III the American band Die Choking brings a little teaser of 4 hardcore songs from their plagued souls. As their other stuff the 4 released songs on this EP goes to full speed even though the songs are only of app. 1 minute duration. But the intensity stays intact, if anyone should be in doubt. Not so much of a release, but the songs Low Finality, Momentum, Greed War, Reason Resist/Reason Reborn will make a statement that the fans gulp as warming up. Let get ready for their new album coming later in 2015. Good work from the American trio. Fresh and harsh it is, so will hopefully the album III also come to light.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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