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On disc: Diamond Plate

Generation Why? - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars

Generation Why?

Generation Why?
(Earache Records - 2011)

From Chicago the youngsters Diamond Plate are coming to conquer the world with their Bay Area thrash metal, they show reminiscences to Testament, Sacred Reich, a dash of old Metallica and Exodus. The young fellows present a debut album full of songs which are well crafted, which show their technical skills and which sounds like something you would expect from an experienced band. The songs combine old school thrash with some freshness and so it's clear that they aren't just honor their heroes, they try to create their own sound. Sure, it's not perfect - yet. They need a bit more time and experience to differ from the rest, but they offer fat riffs - which would please Gary Holt - and powerful drumming. Great memorable melodies and extended guitar solos which give Mario Ciani the chance to shine. Relativity is obviously Slayer-inspired and songs like Generation Why?, Pull The Trigger and Waste Of Life are true thrash grenades spiced up with fat grooves and mosh passages. Real neckbreakers. They add some gang shouts la Metallica and fast, wild shredding! A bit slower and more emotional are Tomb With A View and Fools Paradise, but for Empire Tomorrow they remember their strong points and show once more that they are able to write great songs. Here a bit Death Magnetic shines through. So far, so good. Only the vocals can't keep the level, coz the annoying pressed screamy vocals of singer / bassist Jon Macak are the low point of it. So I hope they can improve the vocals, make them more variable. Anyway, a quite good debut album of these young thrashers!

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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