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On disc: Diamond Dawn

Overdrive - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers Records - 2013)

Swedish outfit Diamond Dawn is presenting Overdrive, if you expect the guys from Gothenburg to sound like so many other bands from that area, then you are wrong. Actually they sound quite American. The opener Into Overdrive is melodic hard rock with Guiffria-like keyboards, so you can expect melodic rock with an 80's sound. Imagine Greg Guiffria playing keys in Toto or Survivor, then you get the picture. Or you watch the video for Take Me Higher!

With Crying they present a rock ballad and even if the lyrics are full of cliche, it's fun to listen to Diamond Dawn and their singer Alexander Strandell. A heavy melodic rocker is California Rush which is crossing the borders to heavy metal. Songs like The Hunter are fun for everybody who loves this kind of music, it's catchy and invites you to have a good time. The closer Powergames is a powerful tune, almost melodic metal and it has a slight melancholy touch...

For fans of 80's classic rock / melodic hard rock Diamond Dawn present a cool album, so if you are into the sound of the 80's check out Overdrive!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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