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On disc: Diabolic

- Subterraneal Magnitude - Peter Haber - 7 stars

Subterraneal Magnitude

Subterraneal Magnitude
(Hammerheart - 2001)

Not much bands play old school death metal these days and so Diabolic have my respect for recording an album like Subtereaneal Magnitude. At the same time that's the crux, coz within the limitation of old school death metal you don't have much space for variations. Most of the tracks are based on mid-tempo and a few up-tempo ones complete their repertoire. A few blasting death metal attacks would have do no harm. Actually a bit more varying would have do good. Any blast attacks are what many death metallers are longing for. The title track Subterraneal Magnitude is one of the slower ones, but is really heavy. My recommendation to check out, coz if you like this, then you will like the others, too. Guitar soli aren't common in death metal and so this adds a bit uniqueness, but at the same time they aren't always fit to the songs...
A fat, powerful production, a real wall of sound is what death metal albums need and so they did good to hire Juan Gonzalez (e.g. Morbid Angel) for the production.
Fans of mid-tempo old school death metal can buy this one, even without checking it out. But still it lacks variety and there are no surprises. If you like this, buy it. Everbody else, well... There are more interesting albums then these. I would usually draw a '6', but for having the guts to do old school I'll give them an extra star.

7 stars

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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