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On disc: Dew-Scented

- Inwards - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars


(Nuclear Blast - 2002)

Ten years after the founding of Dew-Scented the band put out their fourth album which is called Inwards. A constant line-up for the last couple of years and touring made them become stronger and these days they are showing that they are not just influenced by Slayer. On Inwards they have a larger variety of violence and aggression and which is partly caused by singer Leffe Jensen who shows a larger variety of mean and savage growls. But the whole band entered the next level which you can hear on Life Ending Path as well as on the title track. A great thrash metal album which is perfect for fans of Death, The Haunting and At The Gates. Part of the enormous power is the production of Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio, Andy is not just known for his time in Holy Moses, he's also know for his job as the producer of Krisium, Holy Moses and many others.
Live they had the power and this time they managed to ban the live power on CD. With Inwards the German quartet became part of the premier league of thrash metal. Now they are on the same level as their former heroes which influenced them and made them became what they are now.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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