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On disc: DevilDriver

Beast - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars


(Roadrunner Records - 2011)

Fronter Dez Fafara and his DevilDriver mates sounded more melodic on their last album Pray For Villains as in the past. And so their fans were worried, if they get more commercial... Is this another sellout? And so I'm more than happy that Beast is demonstrating they aren't! DevilDriver are back with their most aggressive and brutal album ever. Right from the start you get steam rolled by furious drumming and murderous riffs while Dez shouts like a madman. Aggressive thrash metal with a fat groove will live cause a major circle pit. Sure, they still have melodic elements, especially the guitars have a melodic edge here and there, but mainly they are going full force. The songs won't get you immediately, just Dead To Rights and Bring The Fight are easy to get into. Or you check out the highlight Shitlist or the hardcore-ish You Make Me Sick. The rest of the songs need time to grow, but on the long run that isn't a bad thing. Give it a few spins and you'll be addicted and need the adrenaline kick of Beast. My resume, if modern metal, then DevilDriver.

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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