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On disc: Devil Doll

- Eliogabalus - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Hurdy Gurdy Records - 1990)

Here we talk about the project of Slovenian born Mr. Doctor who is now living in Italy. The album Eliogabalus was originally recorded in 1990. Now 15 years later I came across it and these days there is another band called Devils Doll from the US. I called it a project, coz it's Mr. Doctor mainly. He wrote this piece of music - together with Edoardo Beato - and was responsible for the lyrical concept. Also he sang and played several instruments like organ and piano. Mr. Doctor did produced this album which was recorded in his home country Slovenia.
Eliogabalus is named after a Roman emporer who was known for his luxuary life and fascinating character - as I learnt during the gathering of facts for this review.... The album has just 2 tracks, but both last for more then 20 minutes. This is more a kind of musical in two acts... Atmospheric dark music with a theatralic edge and with a link to the horror movies of the silent film era. It has some rock elements, classical parts... Also elements of gothic... Folk elements... Slovenian? I don't know... Even the name was taken from an old movie... I'm not sure, if Mr. Doctor took his name from a movie character...
The musical variety is vast! And this is only for open-minded people... Very open-minded people! As I just came across this album now, the thought occured to me that this could be what inspired Morgul for The Horror Grandeur and Sketch Of Supposed Murderer.... Just that Morgul is more metal... Actually Morgul is playing black metal. Mr. Doctor's vocals cover everything from whispering to screams... From low tune to high notes. Some more spoken parts let me think of Dr. Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show... It's impossible to describe the music of Eliogabalus! Musical range from piano to violine to organ to accordion to celesta to heavy guitars... Influenced by the Italian progressive rock of the 70's. But I don't know enough of this scene to give and hints to the bands who influenced Mr. Doctor.
There are just to options, you'll love or hate this album. I find it very fascinating, wouldn't say I love it... Not yet, but...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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