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On disc: Desultory

Counting Our Scars - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars

Counting Our Scars

Counting Our Scars
(Pulverised Records - 2011)

It's been 14 years since the Swedish band Desultory disbanded after the release of the disappointing Swallow The Snake. Their first albums Into Eternity and Bitterness are still considered as one of the best releases of melodic death metal from Sweden. Now it's 2011 and Desultory give it another try and present Counting Our Scars which should have been the successor of Bitterness. Desultory offer melodic death metal - old-school, but fresh sounding. These guys from Stockholm were active before the Gothenburg scene kinda exploded, they were the trailblazers - even if they are from a different city. They are unleashed, don't sound dated and present mainly fast tunes. The dark melodic lead guitars are taking the leading role and make the album homogenous, memorable and easy accessible. The melodic leads are on top of sharp riffs and so they combine heaviness and aggression with melody. The harsh vocals of Klas Morbergs give the songs an edge. Luckily no kitschy clean vocals, just growls and shouts - that the way it should be! Even at the slower songs and passages Desultory show that they still know how to play and that they are able to set standards. They are back with a big bang! Everybody who loved their first albums will dig Counting Our Scars. A well done reunion on disc, now it's time to confirm this live!

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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