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On disc: Destiny's End

- Transition - Jrg Petersen - 7 stars


(Metal Blade - 2001)

Former Helstar vocalist James Rivera returned with Destiny's End awhile ago. With Transition they present their second effort - and they improved. Well, this is not an album which will be filed under classic release, but it has some good and memorable songs. Brain Craig's double-bass drumming, pounding bass of Nardo Andi and the heavy riffs of Dan DeLucie and Perry Grayson are the basis for Mr. Rivera who is one of the best singers in the US metal genre. Songs like the mid-tempo The Watcher and the riff-based Storm Clouds give a good idea about Destiny's End in 2001. The later has a cool acoustic passage in the song's middle while Vanished starts balladesque, but speeds up later.
The songs you should check out are The Suffering and First You Dream, Then You Die, but be aware this songs might linger for a bit... Hopefully next time their will be a few more songs like The Suffering... Songs which stick... which are catchy. But if you are into US metal and if you like James Rivera, then get yourself a copy!

7 stars

Jrg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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