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On disc: Destinia

Metal Souls - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Metal Souls

Metal Souls
(Frontiers Records - 2018)

Destinia is the child of Japanese guitar wiz Nozomu Wakai who stepped into the spotlight in 2014 with his debut Requiem For A Scream. In 2015 an EP follow, called Anecdote For The Queens. After seeing Ronnie Romero with Lords Of Black at LoudPark 2016 he asked him to join and Romero did. The line-up is completed by metal veterans Marco Mendoza (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums).

The tile track is the opener and kicks off with drums, just to go full force. Right from the start it's crystal clear that the foursome is making no prisoners! Tight drumming, heavy bass and guitar riffs combined with melodic guitar lines and powerful vocals. And soon you'll start to sing along!

As they made a video clip for the title track, you can make up your mind on this one:

Next in line is Rain which starts symphonically, but soon becomes a heavy melodic rocker. Think a powerful modern style Whitesnake... J&oslah;rn... and MSG with a dash of Gotthard (heavier tunes). Quite catchy. And well performed. With End Of Love and Promised Land they stay on the chosen path, just vary. Nozomu Wakai is embedding guitar solos, but always in a song supporting way! While some guitar players seems to build their songs around a solo, Wakai is writing songs which give him space to shine.

With Take Me Home they slow down and after a balladesque opening head into a heavy rocker. Again I have to think of the Swiss rockers Gotthard - with the legendary Steve Lee who passed away in 2010.

A powerful ear catcher is Be A Hero! At this one Wakai's guitar is the counter part to Romero's vocals, at least at some parts. Metamorphosis has a symphonic edge, but is also offering guitar-driven parts and soaring vocals. More heavy rockers to follow. With the catchy Ready For Rock they close this chapter. The backings give it an 80's touch, another tune you'll sing along almost immediately.

I can highly recommend this album to every fan of powerful melodic metal, to fans of great guitar play and open-minded fans of hard rock! Well done!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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