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On disc: Destination's Calling

- Invisible Walls - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Invisible Walls

Invisible Walls
(Silverwolf Productions - 2008)

Even if this power metal outfit was founded in the late 90's, I haven't come across them til now. They released a few demos and recorded Invisible Walls in 2005 and self-released it, but now they got signed by Silverwolf Productions and so the album finally got released world-wide. I'm not sure, if they re-recorded it or 'just' overdone the old recordings...
They kick off with some distant spoken words, spherical sounds and slowly leads into the album with a slightly progressive touch. Then the four-some really kicks off with heavy riffs based in a progressive structure. Great guitar melody. When singer Christan Gräter sets in I have to think of some Scandinavian melodic metal bands... So Fallen From Grace is a progressive power metal tune with a melodic line which isn't really haunting, but cool. The faster Sinthetic reminds me of Gamma Ray... At the slow Bleeding Again it's the vocals which lack passion... More emotions please! Then they add power and speed, but somehow they don't really build a bridge and so it sounds a bit raw.... bulky. But when they are fully into the powerful part it works better. The title track is a long tune with about 8 minutes and they show with tempi changes and different elements that they can write a good song, but again it's the vocals which can't touch you - as on Disconnected. A heavy one is Sentenced, but here the vocals lack power and a dash aggression. At the following Turning Away the vocals remind me of Timo Kotipelto for a moment.... While the last track Destination's Calling seems to be influenced by Sonata Arctica....
The songs are well played and the progressive structures make them differ from most melodic metal bands, but they aren't as catchy. They are probably best described as a powerful, progressive melodic metal band. Even if they are different, but somehow it fits... The Swedish Lions' Share had in the late 90's a few album which were melodic and progressive with power. And this is the direction the Bavarians go. It won't be easy for them, as they aren't progressive enough for prog metal fans and melodic metal fans might have problems with the progressive structures. Sure, they have to improve on the song writing, catchiness and the vocals need more emotions. But I heard worse! And as these songs were written a few years ago, they might already worked on it. I guess we have to wait for their next release with new material to get an answer.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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