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On disc: Desolate Ways

- Tearful - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Erpland Rec. - 2007)

The Brazilian four-some started back in 1998 in the Southern Brazilian city Torres. They wanted to combine heavy metal and gothic rock - and two years later they recorded a self-tiled demo. In 2003 they released their debut Eternal Dreams. Now 4 years later it's time for Tearful.
Sacred Mortals is the opener on Tearful. A heavy gothic rocker with the raspy vocals of Max Lima - who is joined by Elizeu Hainzenreder on guitars. Rodrigo Fernandes (bass) and drummer Igo Menegaz deliver the basis for the guitarist and Lima's vocals. The vocals are raspier then Nick Holmes', but the phrasing is quite similar... A melancholy tune is Cry No More which is a bittersweet balladesque tune. Reminds me a bit of Paradise Lost at times of Draconian Times.... It's obvious that Paradise Lost had some influence on the band. Especially the keyboard line at Cry No More is sounding very much like the Bradford guys, but also the guitar solo... With Forgive Me they offer a songs full of sadness and despair. It's touching! The soulful short guitar solo fits in very well. And the songs never gets cheesy - like so many others. At Falling Down Max Lima's vocals remind me a bit of James Hetfield, but musically Desolate Ways are closer to Paradise Lost, even if this track has something of Metallica... But more doom metal then thrash. The title track Tearful is a short instrumental with just guitars. A cool outro.
On Tearful you find some cool tunes full of melancholy. But there it doesn't lack the heaviness, but a bit the uniqueness.... I still love Paradise Lost's Draconian Times and One Second and this album is much like these album. Perhaps they haven't found their own sound yet, but they do quite good and I think this album will stay in my player a bit longer.....

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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