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On disc: Desert Sin

Destination Paradise - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Destination Paradise

Destination Paradise
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

To be honest I never heard of Desert Sin before, perhaps coz we usually don't hear much about metal bands from Austria... The band from Wörgl presented their debut in 2009, called The Edge Of Horizon.

The intro for Destination Paradise is called Awakening and is based on classic guitar. Then they head into the title track full force, a song which combines heavy riffs, symphonic keyboard with powerful vocals. The vocal style of Sandro Holzer reminds me of some NWoBHM bands.... At least quite 80's. The fast Kill The King isn't a cover, but it has a thrashy edge at the opening passage - and later due to gang shouts -, but is more based in speed metal / US metal. At Would You Release Me it's obvious that there is space to improve in the guitar department, the riffing is okay, but the leads are too simple and can't keep the listeners attention. The songs are okay, but they playing safe and so you don't recall anything in particular. There is nothing memorable. The bass riff leading into Hero is quite nice, but the fivesome is pursuing the same roads as before. Same ingredients, not much changed and that's another problem I have with Desert Sin, the songs are too much alike. Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad, but there are thousands of bands who are okay. I hope next time they are more adventurous... Sure, not every experiment will work out, but who knows, perhaps they hit the bull's eye....

Well, fans of melodic power metal should check out Desert Sin, but if this isn't your favorite genre or you like a more modern edge, then I guess Desert Sin won't convince you. Let's see what the Austrians have to offer next time!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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