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On disc: Desdemona

- Look For Yourself - Anika Peterson - 7 stars

Look For Yourself

Look For Yourself
(Northwind Records - 2004)

The Italian band released in 2001 their debut Lady Of The Lore which I actually don't know. This one they started recording in fall 2003. It's a conceptual album and tells the fictive story of Michael - British public servant who lives in the 9th century and one day realized that he's the archangel Michael. He travels through Europe and visits places like Bergen in Norway and Turin in Italy. The epic Stavkirken is one of the highlights or check out the catchy Summon My Name. Another good try is The Rage Inside My Heart. Singer Andrea Marchisio is sometimes doing to much, a little less would probably do good... Anyway, all members do more then a decent job, but musically they haven't invented something new. Epic melodic metal is what they do. Interesting? Yes, especially for fans of the Italian metal la Labyrinth or Vision Divine. If they'll have a chance to make it to the premier league? Well, the next album might answer that question. I'll check it out.

7 stars

Anika Peterson
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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