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On disc: Desaster

The Arts Of Destruction - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

The Arts Of Destruction

The Arts Of Destruction
(High Roller Records - 2012)

This is an album that could very well be the highlight of the releases to come in 2012. Black metal with elements of death metal and doom metal as side dishes. Desaster uses the unique combination of drums and guitars to make happy music even though they are playing metal so dark that you wouldn't believe they could make rhythms and continue in their music so elegant and fast as they do on their new album The Arts Of Destruction. I must say it's fantastic what they get into their songs, the vocals may not be their strongest side, but making well-composed catchy songs, that is something they master. At Hell's Horizon is fast and with a build of a death metal song, but with their elegant touch. Graves Of Saints has the melodic line through the song, fast and pounding with lots of energy in it. Troops Of Heathens is filled with metal attacks of the listenable kind, superb and raw and a monster hit on the march of the troops. Phantom Funeral has a real special guitar effect that you should really explore for yourself, amazing quality in the songwriting. The Arts Of Destruction has the dark death metal with an attitude from Hell and the usual elegant fingerprints all over it, don't miss this song. Just as you thought this could not get any better you get a 8 minute song served. Possessed And Defiled starts instrumental and is dark and filled with music of a different level from what you see at a normal day. Give this album a try and you will never regret it, as it has music for most kind of metal fans.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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