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On disc: Denigh

- No Way - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

No Way

No Way
(Ace Records - 1980)

The Folkstone band was founded in late summer of 1978 and after 2 demo tapes the quartet released their first single - No Way! This single was limited to 1,000 copies and later became a collector's item. After more people became aware of the NWoBHM band with their mid-80's releases Fire From The Sky and the live album Give It Some!
When I now listen to the single so many years later it seems that Denigh were just wandering under an unlucky star... They guys played with bands like Saxon and Samson at their time, just that these bands made it - or at least could raise some attention.
No Way is a catchy guitar-driven tune with a pumping bass and sharp riffs. A straight tune which reminds me a bit of early Iron Maiden... But looking back in time it's not easy to describe it and compare. With Running they change a bit, the song isn't a straigth forward rocker. The main guitar theme is catchy and is more memorable then the vocal part. At one point it reminds me of Thin Lizzy... Beside that the songs are decently played and the guitar solo in Running is adding another facet to Denigh's sound.
No need to say that this single can't keep up soundwise with nowadays productions, but for a low-budget recording in 1980 the piece as a good sound. And lovers of NWoBHM stuff won't worry about the sound quality. If you should stumble over this one, buy it! Even if there are probably better releases, but if you are a bit of a collector then you shouldn't miss it!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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