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On disc: Demon Lung

Pareidolia - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars


(Hex Records - 2012)

For old friend has gathered to create the band Demon Lung and from 2010 and onwards they have become part of the Las Vegas doom metal scene, and made demos with about 20 songs already. Now they release their first EP, a 4 song piece with music in a style that makes you depressed and blood drained when you are finished listening to the 4 songs. It's a tale of no uplifting moments at all, and a production that did not turn out successfully, as Shandra Fredericks voice is put in the background more than it was supposed to, and the songs are very similar, no shifts in tempo or any guitar solos or just anything to make it a little brighter.

Lament Code is depressing like the rest of the songs, Shandra Frederick is present on the vocals, but sounds like she would prefer to be someplace else, not participating very much, and the music is slow and simple to a nail biting point. Sour Ground is a little better, some few good ideas in the music with a little variation in the rhythm, but still too slow and uninspired. Death Mask and also the last song Pareidolia is depressing and slow, without contributing at any level to lift this EP up above the point where you are able to remember some of the songs. Too bad that their debut is in the poor state that it is.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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