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On disc: Demonium

- Unleash The Demons - Claudia Ehrhardt - ? stars

Unleash The Demons

Unleash The Demons
(self-released - 2007)

Demonium was founded in 2005 by former members of Zero Hunt and Elis. With Unleash The Demons they present their first demo. The first track is called Face The Truth and starts with powerful riffing and pounding bass. The vocals of guitarist Björn Zylka are melodic, powerful and his deep voice is a bit raspy. Musically the foursome is based in power metal, but the keyboard lines add a symphonic / gothic touch. Keyboard leads you into We Are... (The Damned), but soon the band joins in with hard riffs and Björn's vocals sound a bit more emotional first and it seems that he needs a bit more experience here... But as soon as he can switch to more powerful parts he's 'back home'. With the sweet keyboard melody a bit more aggression in the voice would do the song good. The refrain is catchy and reminds me a bit of some true metal stuff... Forget About Heaven hits the same ground, but the refrain is a bit too simple - or too often repeated... The closer is Inject Gasoline, a heavy rocker. Well done, but if Björn Zylka will keep doing the lead vocals, he needs more experience... Or a few hours with a vocal coach... Anyway, a good demo with power, melody and catchiness.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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