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On disc: Demonic Resurrection

The Return To Darkness - Mike Thompson - 10 stars

The Return To Darkness

The Return To Darkness
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

Do you find most symphonic black metal too trite? Did you find Ex Deo's attempt at symphonic death metal boring? Are you thoroughly pissed off with waiting for the release of Wintersun's Time album? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then I strongly urge you to check out Demonic Resurrection.
I had not heard of Demonic Resurrection before receiving this album and after just a few seconds listening I began to wonder why. Why hasn't this band conquered the world yet? In an age when worthless crap seems to be forced on us from every direction it seems criminal that such an obviously talented band as this Indian quintet is unnoticed.
Hailing from Mumbai these guys have crafted a work of genius in this their third full-length album. There is not one filler song on this release at all, just a complete, homogeneous example of musical genius clocking in at around 64 minutes in length. Its a rollercoaster ride of well-played death metal with epic melodic passages and a breathtaking symphonic foundation.
Quality-wise this surpasses the latest release from Keep Of Kalessin, it rivals Wintersun's debut and overall it just plain deserves your attention! Honestly, I could keep writing about how amazing this album is but why bother when all you really need to do is go out and buy it!

10 stars

Mike Thompson


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