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On disc: Demon

- Spaced Out Monkey - Claudia Ehrhardt - ? stars

Spaced Out Monkey

Spaced Out Monkey
(Record Heaven Music - 2002)

Young fans might not know them, but fans from the early 80's will remember the Demon! Their first 3 releases are masterpieces and every new release is compared to this classical releases! Not easy to deal with.... But the band of singer Dave Hill doesn't care! They do what they love and with their 10th studio album they proof that they still rock! Listen to tracks like album opener Never Saw It Coming and Sound Of The Underground and you can feel their love for this kind of music! Some might say that the early albums were better, but perhaps it's just the different point of view they have.... The British sextet don't have to show their talent, their skills, they know about and don't feel that they have to proof anything. I think that this relaxed way of doing what they are doing, makes this something special. A slow, moody track like Homeless show a more serious and emotional side of them. The lyrics have a serious background, not this fun kinda lyrics, perhaps not that obvious, but... Listen and give them the attention they deserve!
The Demon is still rocking!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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