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On disc: Demolisher

- Promo 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Promo 2008

Promo 2008
(self-released - 2008)

The Finnish Demolisher present 2 new song on this promo - the songs can be downloaded at their website or when you are interested in other demos too, go to - and shows that Finland has still some interesting bands to offer. Demolisher is presenting 2 death metal tracks with crunchy guitars, fast riffing and tons of power. The vocals of Bullit are aggressive and sometimes he adds some growls. But they aren't just storm away, they use breaks and short slow parts to surprise the listener and so keep it more interesting. The riffing of Lord Kalmisto and Uto is influenced by thrash metal... A kind of death'n'thrash they offer as you can hear on Crucifix Head Crash. The second track Darkness Evolution starts slowly, then the riffing sets in. No hyperfast attacks, but a heavy and powerful mid-paced tune.
The Finnish quintet shows death'n'thrash in a technical variety, but with aggression. It shouldn't take too long til they sign the dotted line!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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