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On disc: Deiphago

Satan Alpha Omega - Lars Bjørn - 1 stars

Satan Alpha Omega

Satan Alpha Omega
(Hells Headbangers Records - 2012)

From the Philippines comes the band Deiphago, who play like Satan was behind them in their efforts. Their beliefs are black metal, satanic ways of life and music, but their third album Satan Alpha Omega is below the point of acceptance. The production is not done properly, the sound quality is very poor, and the music itself is confusing black metal with lots of drums and shouting, crazy unstructured guitars, and with such kind of low point production it's not possible to get any wiser about where Deiphago stands for the moment. Try to get new songs made, and make them much better than this misfoster you have presented here.

1 stars

Lars Bjørn


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