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On disc: Defiance

The Prophecy - Leif Lohne - 7 stars

The Prophecy

The Prophecy
(Candlelight Records - 2009)

Defiance have been part of the second wave of Bay Area bands, and so their albums got in stores where the milestones of the others already been on sale. The debut Product Of Society - produced by Jeff Waters - was released in 1988, a more then decent thrash album, but not a milestone. They kept going for 4 more years and released Void Terra Firma (1990) and Beyond Recognition (1992) two more album with their current singer Steev Esquivel - and then Defiance broke up.
Now they are back! And I really happy they are. Their comeback album The Prophecy gives the thrash fan what he's longing for - and lots of fun. The opener Prion and shows Defiance in a modern production, but with the raw old school sound and aggression of the 80's. Actually they keep speeding. A good example is Desert Sands or the neckbreaker Sloth. If they slow down then they shine with great melodies and excellent guitar play of Jim Adams which adds a certain variety like at The War Inside, Dissolving Around You and Asthmaphere. Nothing to complain about technically, just check out the title track or the merciless closer Eyes Of The Front. At the later one it becomes obvious that drummer Mark Hernandez (Vio-lence, Forbidden) knows his job!
Everybody like me who likes Bay Area thrash on a technically high level, without caring about current trends, will dig this album! And so it doesn't matter that singer Steev Esquivel partly sounds like Chuck Billy. Anyway, I will give this CD another spin! Now!

7 stars

Leif Lohne
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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