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On disc: Deep Down The Soul

- Deep Down The Soul - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Deep Down The Soul

Deep Down The Soul
(Anko Music - 2007)

The music of Deep Down The Soul is described as Crosscore... The Bavarians are crossing the borders of Nu metal, crossover and hardcore. The guitar playing brothers Schlagenhuber share the vocal duties and every everything from clean vocals, shouts, screams, growls and grunts. Look Into My Eyes shows their sound melange quite good and make me think of Clawfinger - at least partly. The following Afraid Of My Dreams is based in the metalcore genre with a heavy groove and a lot of aggression. And with So Close they slow down and it's closer to Linkin Park then to Clawfinger... A quite atmospheric tune which crosses the boarders to alternative metal. And so it seems that every song is offering another mixture. And that is a bit tiring... Variety is good, but they push a bit too far. I miss some unity...
Sure, the band didn't have a budget like Clawfinger or Linkin Park, but this production needs more power! Especially the drum sound is annoying me. With 3 guitarists I expect a wall of guitars which just steam rolls me... But not bad for a debut, next time a bit more homogenous tracks and a more powerful sound, please!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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