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On disc: Decadence

Chargepoint - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Spiritual Beast – 2009)

Chargepoint is the fourth full-length from this Swedish quartet fronted by the one and only Metallic Kitty. Decadence play a melodic style of thrash, occasionally venturing into melodic death metal territory.
The album cover for Chargepoint is typical thrash – an explosion! That being said it prepares you well for the aural onslaught you're about to experience.
Whilst comparisons to Angela Gossow and Arch Enemy are inevitable, perhaps the closest band to Decadence's style is the German thrash band Cripper, who also have a lady on vocals in the form of impressive growler Britta Görtz. Whilst Metallic Kitty also growls I think she sounds more like a traditional thrash vocalist from the heavier end of the thrash spectrum. She wouldn't sound out of place on an Exodus or Kreator track for example. Her range is very acceptable and ranges from throaty growls to hoarse screams that give the music a real harsh edge. On a note completely unrelated to the music its nice to finally find a woman fronting a metal band who actually looks METAL. Leather jacket and pants all the way for Metallic Kitty! I salute you!
The music itself is melodic yet still manages to be heavy enough to bang your head too. In fact its the melodic edge which gives it a slightly fresher feeling than most thrash bands these days who tend to have the same guitar tones, the same riffs and structures. Decadence pays homage to all these but have managed to find their own sound in what is a very over-saturated genre.
I highly recommend this album. Its a fine example of what modern day thrash bands can offer and shows that it is possible to find your own sound in thrash even now.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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