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On disc: Debt Of Nature

Crush, Kill And Burn - Carsten Bahr - 9 stars

Crush, Kill And Burn

Crush, Kill And Burn
(Deity Down Records - 2010)

Debt Of Nature made quite a statement in 2008 with the mini album Dreams Kill On Command. Now the extreme metal outfit has the first full-length album ready and they are out for the kill.
Before they headed into the studio they hired a female singer to support shouter Marc Gröhning. Masae Dausend (ex-Execrate and Sabiendas) is adding mean growls and can easily keep up with his male colleague. The band hired Andy Classen for the mix and so you can expect a fat sounding album. But it's all about the music and Debt Of Nature offer mean death / thrash metal which shows grind and crust core elements. They managed to combine the different sound elements and all 11 songs - plus an intro - are convincing, offer a lot variety, some cool guitar play and even some melodies. Tempi changes and progressive elements complete Debt Of Nature's sound. Most tracks are brutal blast attacks based on fast double-bass drumming and rapidly fired deathly riffs - or ultra fat grooves. Mix Napalm Death with Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation, add a dash of Six Feet Under and you get Debt Of Nature. Actually there are just killers, no fillers, but to get an idea check out Masturbator Generator, Insalata Tarantula or Eisenfresser - with German lyrics - and Why I Hate or... Blackguard are the highlights of this album. I highly recommend this album to fans of extreme music!

9 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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