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On disc: Debauchery

Germany's Next Death Metal - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Germany's Next Death Metal

Germany's Next Death Metal
(AFM Records - 2011)

Debauchery is the death metal project of one Thomas Gurrath, a guy who made the headlines last year when he was forced to choose between his job as a student teacher and his music which was thought to pose a threat to his pupils in some way. Its obvious which he chose. Debauchery is also a death metal band that people love to hate. Wherever you go there's always metalheads willing to slag off the German death metal warmachine for not being death metal enough, for being a joke or something equally puerile. However, I'll go on record now as saying that I am a fan of Debauchery!
The album cover of Germany's Next Death Metal features a bikini and blood-clad model taking her ease with an awesomely oversize chainsaw. This picture and the title of the album is a direct shot at 'Next Top Model' shows and all the reality TV shows of that ilk which are destroying the brain cells of the general populace of planet Earth.
The band has always delivered what could be described as death and roll. The huge influence of AC/DC is readily present in almost every track but with growling vocals and punishing guitar riffs driving the music. The previous album, 2009's Rockers And War was undoubtedly my least favorite Debauchery album. Its like Gurrath was trying to embrace the classic rock side of Debauchery even more and, in my opinion, failed. In comparison to the mighty offerings of Back In Blood or Torture Pit, Rockers And War was just a pale imitation of what Debauchery can offer. Thankfully, Germany's Next Death Metal is Debauchery back at their crushing, groove-laden best!
Gurrath's vocals have been criticized for being monotone death growls, but I disagree. Ok, his range is not the greatest perhaps but to call it monotone is an insult. On this album he also makes use of spoken words which add another level to the sonic assault.
The lyrical side of Debauchery won't challenge your brain at all. The main themes are killing, fucking and metal. There's nothing to provoke thought or discussion but what there is in spades is chorus after chorus which are great to just growl along to and this is in essence what Debauchery is all about. Slam the album on after a few beers and just have a bloody great time!
Germany's Next Death Metal is without doubt Debauchery's best album since Back In Blood and in my opinion the band's best album to date. It won't convert the detractors but that's their problem! This will be a fixture of my regular playlist for a long time to come!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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