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On disc: Debase

- Unleashed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Sanctuary - 2004)

Actually this is the 3rd release of the Malmö-based quintet. But for most metal fans it's their first contact with the Swedish. On Unleashed they offer 11 tracks of what they call NWoSHM. The five-some kick off the album with Holy Caravan. First you hear guitar riffs - changing from side to side - then the band joins in for a faster track, breaks lead into mid-tempo parts. The powerful voice of Michael Hansson varies from slow melodic parts to aggressive, almost shouted parts. A really heavy song with a certain progressiveness through breaks and also a certain aggression. They combine power, melodies and heavy rock. The band attitude is more like it was in 70's / 80's rock bands. Their melange is hard to describe. I can just recommend every metal fan from heavy metal to power metal to check them out. They have their own sound which is something fans and critics demand from a band, but that also means they can't be categorized. Track #2 sounds familiar, coz a early version they played on the tour with Annihilator in 2002. What really is a plus for me that the vocals of Michael Hansson are so clear that you can understand him, no need for a text sheet. The vocals are right up front, but don't dominate the sound. On Schizofrenia the guitar riffing of Jonas and Sigge is razor-sharp and the Michael's vocals are partly mean and partly really sick - let me think of Dr. Frank N. Furter of Rocky Horror Picture Show - and it shows the vocal range of the Debase singer. With a kind of monk choir the track Symphony For The Unholy starts, a symphonic piece in the beginning, then the guitar riffing make it heavy. A track which carries the vibe of some more doomy stuff like Black Sabbath... But again I'm searching for words to explain... On The Blood Remains the guitars remind me a little of Overkill / Annihilator, but don't expect that the song sounds like these bands!
A highlight for me is Restrained. The song has the vibe of early 90's melodic metal, but far more heavy! A catchy tune! The song has something which make you soon sing along, live this one will be a killer.
Well, I can just say again, check them out! It's the only way to find out, this album is interesting for fans of heavy metal, power metal... Heavy Rock with metal elements.... Just listen!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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