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On disc: Death Destruction

Death Destruction - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Death Destruction

Death Destruction
(Sony Music - 2011)

Death Destruction was founded by drummer Jonas Ekdahl and guitarist Henrik Danhage when they were still part of Evergrey, it was a side project. Soon they found a bass player for DD in Fredrik Larsson, a friend who worked for them as a roadie when not being part of Hammerfall. Dead By April singer Jimmie Strimell completed the line-up.

It seems that after Ekdahl / Danhage left Evergrey they decided to focus on Death Destruction, coz earlier this year they released a live EP and now a full-length album is in stores. The self-titled debut opens with The Shredding March, a straight-forward death metal tune. At Kill It! they start expanding their sound universe, the heavy groove and Jimmie's growls have a slight metalcore touch, but Henrik Danhage's guitar solo is adding a different flavor to it. Fuck Yeah is simple but memorable and is perfect to sing, well shout along. With Hellfire they offer a less brutal tune, the guitar riffing is memorable and they add some slow passages. Here the foursome is crossing musical borders and blend sounds into another. Mark My Words is a song you should check out, coz here they show best how they melt sounds into another - and they push limits. The guitar solo is obviously influenced by hard rock and the drumming simply rock. Strimell's vicious vocals make it sound brutal. Purified is another straight forward track, brutal - but with a melodic guitar passage and a slow part. If you are waiting for ultra-fast fired riffs, they you will be disappointed. The brutality of Death Destruction's sound is mainly coming from the vocals. But a song like Sea Of Blood don't need fast riffing.

A decent album, but if that's enough these days? I hope that next time they vary a little more and a memorable line here and there wouldn't hurt...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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