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On disc: Deathchain

Ritual Death Metal - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Ritual Death Metal

Ritual Death Metal
(Svart Records - 2013)

The guys from Finland know their business, their ways to make variations in the death metal to make it sound vibrant and show many sides of their abilities in death metal. The sixth album from Deathchain is a small one of 8 songs, but the style is fresh and energy is the keyword to mark Finland's experienced death metallers. They do have room for the guest performer L G Petrov from Entombed of the song Like Worms Upon The Lands where Petrov handles the microphone but not with the greater difference in my view. The freshness comes from Deathchain themselves in the hard and persisting Stele Ov The Vultures as an entrance to their metal universe. Seven Asakku Shadows is filled with solid drumming and a very good vitality as good omens of their strength. The good signs continue in Our Lady Under The Earth, a powerful cryptical death metal song that has an elegant touch just under all the power they produce. King Pazuzu gives a fast staccato like combination of both melodic and traditional death metal, great with such a variation in the style. Tiamats Eyes Of Death is heavy as lead as if they wanted to make a way into heavy metal to broaden the horizon, not a bad idea to try different things as long as it works and gives a good impression, and that is generally what Deathchain provides. A good and fresh album that gives their fans good value for the money.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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