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On disc: Dead Summer Society

The Heart Of Autumnsphere - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Heart Of Autumnsphere

The Heart Of Autumnsphere
(self-released - 2010)

Dead Summer Society is a one-man project from Italy, described as gothic / doom metal and The Heart Of Autumnsphere is a journey through sonic worlds. It kicks off with the title track, a melancholy tune which takes you into reverie. With Rain On My Breath DSS adds some heaviness, some aggression - but also some melodic passages. The change between riff-based metal parts and melancholy passages, but it's to repetitive to work without vocals. Later in the song DSS head into some post black metal parts - and again I wish they would add some vocals. Or some guitar / violin melody offering a melody line instead of vocals. After the dark sounds of Rain On My Breath the atmosphere lights up for A Dream By The Sea And The Autumnal Sun. A short interlude. Then Army Of Winter follows which reminds me of Paradise Lost (Draconian Times era) for a moment. A heavy riff-based tune with a symphonic edge, but again I miss vocals. I just think that with vocals the songs will sound rich and more interesting. Will more easily hook you up. Facing Her is another interlude and leads over to the closer My Days Through Silence. Again heavy riffs meet fragile piano sounds, unfortunately the piano don't take over the 'singing'. Later DSS head again into some post black metal passage before it slowly fades out.
Additionally you'll get the bonus track Implicit. A track which stays on the chosen path, but this time the guitar sings - at least for a little while.
This EP is a decent piece of music, but it would be more convincing with vocals or an instrument doing the 'vocal' line. The songs can't grab you, they don't demand your full attention. But this is something which can be changed next time around.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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