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On disc: Dead Silent Slumber

- Entombed In The Midnight Hour> - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Entombed In The Midnight Hour

Entombed In The Midnight Hour
(Hammerheart Records - 1999)

The info sheet starts that way: "A death metal symphony throughout wicked horror, melancholy sickness and zombieficating rituals" What a description! This is the debut of one of the best newcomers from Sweden! Dead Silent Slumber is a one-man project! The maniac behind this scorching bullet is Jens Rydn who is known as the singer of Naglfar! Any doubts about the quality of this release? I guess not. This is not an ephemera! To quote Jens: "Naglfar may be my main band, but Dead Silent Slumber is like my main interest, kind of a pet which I spend all my spare time!" In 1997 Jens realized that many musical ideas wasn't suitable for Naglfar. He decided to start his solo-project to discover new musical landscapes. Jens recorded a demo which never been released or sold, but the few people who heard it were blown away and soon he signed with Hammerheart Records. The album was engineered by Nils Johansson who is responsible for the clear, but massive sound. Jens played all instruments, just ask a few local musicians to contribute the extra touch and female vocals (reminds me of Anneke van Giersbergen) and majestic choirs. This is a one-man product, beside designing the logo, and taking care of the booklet Jens even painted the picture which is shown on the cover! This is killer! For me one of the best releases of this genre in 1999!!!!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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