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On disc: Deadend In Venice

See You On The Ground - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

See You On The Ground

See You On The Ground
(Casket Music - 2011)

A very special debut album from Deadend In Venice. Here is a band to notice for further releases in the future. They have only excisted since 2008 and have an EP under their belt already, but now they step forward to present a 9-song debut album, and it's filled with good death metal all the way. No soft spots in the album, but their style is completely their own. It's based on duet singing between Annabell Klein and Christian Litzba, and their cooperation works very good, they get a lot out of their material. All the songs are very melodic even though they are cathegorized as death metal, with an exception in the song Dirty Little Prinscess, where the tempo is much softer and the singing from Klein reaches a more balanced level. The best song is another that doesn't fit into their main cathegory: War. This one is pure explosive power metal, yet again in their own style, melodic as hell from the Germans. There are 9 songs on the album and hopefully much more to come their creative heads.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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