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On disc: Day Eleven

- Sleepwalkers - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Dockyard 1 - 2007)

The Finnish band Day Eleven is out now to present their second album. The guys kinda started about 10 years ago, but until 2003 it was more a fun project. Then they started seriously writing and working on their songs. With GBfarm Records they recorded and mixed their debut album Almost Over Everything over almost 2,5 years. The album was released in Finland, Australia, Ukraine and Belarus. Now they start to conquer the rest of the world with Sleepwalkers and the help of Dockyard 1.
Musically they band's influences are the early 90's grunge music, but when you listen to their songs they only have the carelessness of grunge, but musically combining punk rock with dark pop. Riff-based songs which are stripped down to the essential, but with aggression and sweet, catchy melodies. The youngsters switch between a wall of guitars and then reduce everything to put up front the vocals of Janne Aleksi Pajari - who also plays guitar. The powerful guitar front is build by Janne and his mates Matti Lötjönen and Sopanen Olli. Yes, they work with 3 guitarist which is quite unusual, but well...
Opening with Dissonance Fading they show a bit SoCal punk... up-beat, but add some catchy melodies. The vocals of Janne Aleksi switch from powerful, almost aggressive parts to sweet, intriguing parts. It sounds very fresh and the Day Eleven sound is sticking out. At Message you find beside some punk attitude some noise rock guitars. One of my highlights is If Nothing Comes Of You which has a catchy hookline and some slower guitar parts where the vocals are more up-front. It somehow has a hard rock feeling, but is much heavier.... Cool! At Untitled there are some mean vocals added in the background which stand in sharp contrast to the lead vocals. Fascinating.... Irritating... And again... cool! A bit slowing down with Your Cloud, even it's still full of heavy riffs. Even more laid back is The Absolute which sticks out due to the unusual drum pattern and the almost dreamy vocals. At the end they present a balladesque tune called Simply Lethal. Starting slowly and with some acoustic guitars they get back to heavy riffs a little later... The riffing reminds me a bit of Paradise Lost at One Second... And switching back again. Janne Aleksi sounds fragile here. Enthralling.
A fresh sound, great guitar work and emotional vocals. Pick any 2 songs and check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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