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On disc: Dawn Of Tears

Dark Chamber Litanies - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Dark Chamber Litanies

Dark Chamber Litanies
(self-released - 2009)

The Madrileños started back in 1999 and released a demo in 2005. Two years later they released a full-length album called Descent which as this EP is a free download from their website. If you can compare the EP with Descent, I can't tell, coz I don't know it. But they have 3 new members in the band and so their sound might be different...
Slow and symphonic they kick off Cadent Beating, a more then 7 minutes long track. Later they deliver fast riffing and the sound is a bit black metal-lic... While the vocals of J. Alonso vary between growls and scolding parts. The aggressive vocals are accompanied by melodic guitars and a symphonic keyboard. The guitarists Andrés Pérez and J.L. Trebol are kinda carrying the song and can keep the listeners attention. Towards the end of the tune they add some female vocals and that gives the song a slight symphonic metal touch. And then they return to the opening theme to let the song fade out. A bit different they present themselves at Since They're Gone, even if the songs is driven forward by fast drumming, it isn't a very fast one. The guitars take off the edge and then they slow down. Whispered words call for attention, but then they explode and offer a heavy, but catchy mid-tempo passage. The chorus is catchy and it reminds me of some tune... It's a bit Paradise Lost-like... Draconian Times era... But there is something else... Cool tune!
Fast riffing attacks you right from the start of Winds Of Despair, but again the guitarists manage the give it a melodic touch. This tune is based in black metal, but also offers other elements - and that's what makes this EP interesting. The fivesome can surprise you!
A symphonic metal track with black metal elements and growls is As My Autumn Withers. I think this one would be even better, if the vocals would vary more... Perhaps the use of some clean vocal passages and / or female vocals would make the song stronger... The closer is called Mr. Jarrod and starts symphonic, but then is changing and becomes a melodic death metal tune spiced up with some scolding vocals. A melange of black and death metal, but again they can surprise you with twists and turns.
Well, a quite interesting EP which you should download and check out, if you aren't a purist of some sort. It seems that the Spanish have a huge range of influences and they try to find their own way. Hope to hear more from them!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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