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On disc: Dark Tranquillity

- Damage Done - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Damage Done

Damage Done
(Century Media - 2002)

They are around for more then 10 years and they been one of the bands who started the Swedish death metal wave. Now they are back with their latest release Damage Done. The sextet from Gothenburg recorded 11 tracks which combine melodic death metal with other elements and sounds. A powerful sound and complex arrangements are the trademarks for the sound of Dark Tranquillity. If you don't know them, listen to Hours Passed In Exile and you'll have an idea what it's all about. The voice of singer Mikael Stanne is emotional, but can also be aggressive. Especially the mentioned track reminds me a bit of Paradise Lost at Draconian Times. Don't get me wrong, they have their own sound and style, but sometimes little things bring up associations. With Monochromatic Stains they recorded a faster and more aggressive tune, but still with breaks, screaming guitars and slower parts. But this time the band also recorded an instrumental called Ex Nihilo, the first instrumental in the history of the band. On The Treason Wall Mikael Stanne starts with almost whispered words, but soon is back with his growls. An up-tempo song with breaks and surprising elements. This time the band recorded an album full of different songs. They offer a larger variety then last time. And perhaps this one will get them again a nomination for the Swedish Grammy... Who knows?
The band from Gothenburg decided to work one more time with producer Fredrik Nordström at the famous Studio Fredman. Another thing to mention is that the artwork is done by guitarist Niklas Sundin. It seems that Mr. Sundin is full of creativity, coz he is also doing the artwork for other bands.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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