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On disc: Dark Tower

Lord Ov The Vast Lands - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Lord Ov The Vast Lands

Lord Ov The Vast Lands
(self-released - 2010)

Blackened death metal outfit Dark Tower hail from the southern climes of Brazil. Lord Ov The Vast Lands is the band's second EP and third release overall.
This EP starts very well with Dark Tower displaying a penchant for melodic black / death metal that from the outset arrests the listener and draws them in. The songs are all riveting and certainly leave a taste of wanting more. There is somewhat of a hint of Keep Of Kalessin in the music of Dark Tower, but it is a subtle connection and overall the band has its own sound.
Musically the band are very capable with a good level of technicality on display from all members. The one downside is the occasional use of clean vocals that unfortunately lend an air of 'metalcore' to proceedings. Mixing harsh and clean vocals can work very well, just listen to Mercenary for confirmation of that. The main problem is that the singer doesn't have a particularly strong voice and ends up sounding very Trivium-ish.
This one complaint aside Dark Tower have released a strong EP that, whilst not pushing the boundaries of the genre too far, provides a pleasing listen and deserves to be heard. Good things are strongly hinted at here. Hunt it down.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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