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On disc: Dark Suns

- Grave Human Genuine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Grave Human Genuine

Grave Human Genuine
(Prophecy Productions - 2008)

The German band Dark Suns is presenting their 3rd album which is called Grave Human Genuine. These days the trio worked with bassist Kristoffer Gildenl÷w as a session bassist. The Knappe brothers toured twice with Pain Of Salvation, so it's no surprise that Kristoffer Gildenl÷w jumped in to help them with the recordings for Grave Human Genuine.
With some spherical sounds they start, then heavy, doomy riffs... They speed up a bit, but the songs is still guitar-driven, even if they involve complex rhythmic patters. But it's not the Stampede you might expect. But the instrumental is only a kind of intro to the album, even if it's about 3 minutes long. At Flies In Amber they add some flute to the heavy riffing... But it's not the flute which reminds me of Jethro Tull, it's the vocals. Additionally they added some growls and some sound sequences... All leads into a frenzy, just to return to their heavy dark art rock. Somewhere it was described as a mixture of Opeth and Pain Of Salvation.... I would add a dash of Jethro Tull and a bit Pink Floyd, that sums up the blend of music Dark Suns present. An good idea about Dark Suns you get with Thornchild with its poly-rhythmic beats, the atmospheric vocals and heavy riffing. Actually the lead vocals of drummer Nico Knappe fit very well to the music of Dark Suns, even if I think it's pretty tough to do live... But on disc he's doing great. Amphibian Halo starts with electronic and Tangerine Dream-like sounds, but the heavy riffs bring back metal into this song. The song is somehow disturbing and at the same time seductive...
The Chameleon Defect kicks off with a smoothing guitar melody and some slightly jazzy piano passages, then erupt into a hyperfast black metallish riff monster! Disturbing! After a break slows down again.. This song is a chameleon! And leaves me with mixed feelings.
The Leipzig-based band is delivering a unique album which combines different elements, but which is most interesting for prog metal fans. Even if I would recommend open-minded metal fans to check them out, too. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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