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On disc: Dark Sanctuary

- Les Mémoires Blessés - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


Les Mémoires Blessés

Les Mémoires Blessés
(Wounded Love Records - 2004)

I haven't heard of the French before and just got incidently to listen to Les Mémoires Blessés and learnt that this is the 4th release of the band. Musically they are somewhere between the so-called heavenly voices, classic and dark ambient. They slowly start with Le clameur de silence. Piano, then the angel-like voice of Dame Pandora. A very melancholy tune in minor. Gloomy. Mourning, but at the same time full of energy. They paint dark, grey landscapes with their music. The violins seems to weep with sorrow. The sadness is weakening. The French display their wounded sounds... The memories they have in a musical way. The music is enthralling... Magical! The French lyrics - beside Abre los ojos - are transporting much better the atmopshere then English could do, especially as this is their mother tongue. The Spanish tune Abre los ojos is more powerful, almost accusing and so Spanish with the harder edge fits very well. The songs are hypnotizing. You will forget the world around you and be dragged into the dark, sad world of Dark Sanctuary. And get lost there.
A great piece of music, but if you depressed this will make it worse. Full of sadness and sorrow - a bittersweet experience. If you want metal, then this isn't the right choice. And even fans of bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation should listen first! This is like a dark, melancholy version of The Gathering's Souvenirs. And even that won't describe it at all. The French are unique.
The CD comes in a bookset - beautiful. Great that they have the lyrics translated to English, so that everybody can get into the wor(l)ds of Dark Sanctuary.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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