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On disc: Darknote

Walk Into Your Nightmare - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Walk Into Your Nightmare

Walk Into Your Nightmare
(Dark Sky Records - 2010)

It's the first release from the Icelandic trash metal band Darknote since their formation in 2004, their EP called Walk Into Your Nightmare. They have some concert clips on YouTube and are trying to get themselves better known outside Iceland, and their album Walk Into Your Nightmare gives a promising hope for the Icelandic metal future. Black Morning has what it takes, a good tempo thrash song where the melodic basic ideas are pushing to come alive in this catchy song from Darknote. Sacrifice shows that even a song has extremely massive growls it doesn't have to be something that overpowers the quality of the constructive songwriting, Sacrifice is so powerful that the pressure threatens to double the geyser powers of Iceland. Bring Down The Skies is more to the doom metal side than anything else they have produced, its guitar riffs are convincing and the heavy melodic style gives a positive impression of the thrash metal they are into. This song has been made as an official concert video from Darknote with a real neat production. Lavoera finishes it off with a very catchy metal experience that once again proves that Darknote functions better in the studio than they do live on stage, a great song to leave the last mark. It brings hope for further good releases from Darknote.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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