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King's To You - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

King's To You

King's To You
(Bombworks Records - 2009)

This is my second time listening to a release from Bombworks Records and also my second time mistakenly branding the band in question as '-core rubbish' due to the name. Once again I was delighted to be proved wrong, although in this case I could at least be forgiven as I had seen this band described as metalcore and deathcore in a lot of places! Whatever core influence these guys have had in the past, has been all but extinguished in this, the band's first full-length, and replaced by some gut-busting melodic death metal.
As I'm coming to expect from Bombworks releases the production on this album is really good with every instrument in its rightful place, none drowning out the other. Apart from the bass of course which is lost in the mix, but then you have to almost expect that these days.
The keyboards in this band are a very nice touch. They never come to the fore and detract from the heaviness of the music as is the case with many other bands, but rather they remain in the background adding a very subtle dimension to the music.
There are no clean vocals on this album, which I for one am glad of. The harsh vocals are guttural for the most part, occasionally changing to a rasp in the finest tradition of melodic death metal!
There are still some hardcore elements in the music with the occasional breakdown and whatnot but this doesn't detract from the overall impact of the album. In fact you barely notice them.
The real shining point of this album for me is that none of the songs are tedious or over-long. There are no ten minute epics on this album, just a quality bunch of three to four minute songs to headbang to!
I'd recommend this album to all fans of the heavier end of melodic death metal such as Amon Amarth. They may sing about a different deity to the Swedish Vikings but the end result is just as head pounding!

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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