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On disc: Dark Moor

- Dark Moor - Monika Schmidt - 7 stars


Dark Moor

Dark Moor
(Arise - 2003)

A lot happened since the band from Madrid released their last album The Gates Of Oblivion - not always for the better. From the last line-up just guitarist Enrik Garcia and bassist Anan. The most obvious change is that after Elisa C. Martín was replaced by Alfred Romero. Señor Romero is a decent singer who remind me a little of Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) and André Matos (Shaman, Virgo, ex-Angra)... It won't be easy for him to step into the footprints of Elisa and to fulfill the expectations of the fans. Musically the band luckily didn't changed much, only the folk elements got lesser. The variety of the dozen songs goes from bombastic hymns to melodic speed attacks. On some songs - Cyrano Of Bergerac, The Great Sword and The Dark Moor - the band didn't want to lack female vocals on this one and so soprano singer Beatriz Albert helped out. And these songs are definitely some of the highlights. Another highlight is Return For Love. The Spanish quintet still offers epic power metal spiced up with some other elements. Their former releases offered a little more, probably just the drastic line-up change effected the song writing... Not a bad album, but they have done better ones in the past. Let's wait and see, if the next one can keep up to the class of The Gates Of Oblivion...

7 stars

Monika Schmidt
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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